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Arthur Nebraska



Arnold E. Sole sent a message using the contact form Recently (this weekend) my wife, 2 sisters, and her mother had the opportunity to spend time in Arthur, Nebraska. My wife was quite taken by the citizens of Arthur, both their friendliness and the assistance they were offered after the car they were traveling in broke down. Staying in the local hotel was a treat for the "girls" and the owner of the hotel brought a fan to my mother-in-law to help her keep cool overnight. Such personal attention would be nearly impossible to get here (Leavenworth/Lansing Kansas) and would have to be bought at considerable expense this near to Kansas City. I would like to commend these fine citizens of Arthur for taking care of my family at a time when I could not be there to handle the situation. I have spent 20 years in the Army and have found very few places in the world while traveling where unconditional assistance was spontaniously offered. It is both a pleasure and an obligation to let the people who talked to and assisted my family know that their efforts on behalf of my family did not go unappreciated. Thank you all once again.